Thoroughbred Solution IV Accounting

Solving everyday accounting problems has never been an easy task. Solution-IV Accounting® software helps solve your needs with a completely integrated accounting solution. The system provides a seamless integration and sharing of common data between the accounting packages.

Solution-IV Accounting is 4GL-based, which provides the quality and versatility you need to take your business accounting well into this century. The Solution-IV Accounting packages are at the forefront of the industry's rapidly changing technology and are setting the pace for 4GL-based applications.


Multi-User Access

Solution-IV Accounting runs in a multi-user, multi-tasking environment, operating under the control of UNIX, AIX, Windows 95/98/2000, XP, Windows NT, DOS, Novell, VMS, OSF/1, and other operating systems. All programs incorporate true record and file locking so several users can perform the same task simultaneously.

Multiple Companies

Both single and multiple company setups are offered, limited only by available disk storage. You may select which applications to define for each company, and each company maintains its own set of parameters, data storage, and security control.


Access to sensitive data can be controlled through a sophisticated password and access control system, allowing restriction by terminal, company and operator.

Standard Accounting

Solution-IV Accounting adheres to General Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). Transactions throughout the system follow the essential steps of data entry, printed audit report, and update; so that all financial information can be traced back to a source document. Historical files are also kept to recreate prior processing if necessary.


All Solution-IV applications have been created using one of the most powerful 4GL application development environments available today -- Thoroughbred IDOL-IV®. This development environment makes it easy and practical to customize complex applications. A set of developer tools has been created as well, making modification of Solution-IV even easier.

Human Engineered

Every Solution-IV application has been developed with the user in mind. Screens are designed to be logical and flow consistently from one to another making them easy to learn and easy to use.

Help Text

Every field on every screen has on-line help which describes the options available and the end result.

Views and Windows

Solution-IV makes extensive use of views or windows whenever a file lookup occurs. For example, while entering Accounts Receivable invoices, you may view a list of valid customers and pick the appropriate one. If you need to add a new customer, simply press "drill down" to Customer Maintenance where you may enter the new customer. Upon leaving Customer Maintenance, you will be returned to Invoice Entry.


All Solution-IV applications are completely interactive with data edited and checked for errors as it is entered.

Date Control

Each terminal may have its own date, allowing different users to operate with different processing dates. Current and future period postings can all be accommodated within the system and the date and time appear on each report for proper control.

Report Printing

All reports may be viewed on the screen or printed to a printer or spooler. If displayed on the screen, the reports stop at the end of each page and prompt you to continue or end the report.

System Integration

Each module automatically posts to all related modules to form an integrated accounting system. Common data need only be entered once, with posting and transfer of data done automatically.

Graphical User Interface

Using Thoroughbred VIP and a Windows Workstation, users may optionally utilize a fully Graphical User Interface.

Gateway for Windows

Using Thoroughbred Gateway for Windows, users can currently access Microsoft Excel to graph General Ledger, Customer and Vendor information. Additional gateways can be easily added as desired.

Imaging and Sound

Using GWWImage™, scanned and color images can be hooked into your application as well. Sound can be added using GWWSound™.

Solution-IV Applications

Modules in the Solution-IV Library consist of the following:

  • Accounts Payable (19kb)
  • Accounts Receivable (34kb)
  • Bank Reconciliation (17kb)
  • Fixed Assets (40kb)
  • General Ledger (42kb)
  • Inventory Control (46kb)
  • Order Processing (59kb)
  • Payroll (56kb)
  • TimExpress (96kb)
  • JobTrak (80kb)
  • Service Contract (186kb)
  • CRM (142kb)
  • Purchase Order
  • Prospect Management (23kb)

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